It all starts with our community of experienced scientists and engineers with a passion for inventing new things and solving tough challenges.

Our business is to unleash our community members’ world-class talents to bring new ideas to market, to solve problems for businesses and investors seeking deep technical expertise, and to grow the innovation ecosystem.

  • Technology Network

    A community of diverse expertise that collaborates to solve technology problems.   We’re always looking to add to this community, please contact us to learn more.

  • Technology Projects

    Network into our community for new solutions.  Lots of options: submit a challenge or create a direct consulting engagement.

  • Technology Activation

    Partner to take inventions to market.  Work with us on diverse business models for commercialization including start-ups, licensing and partnerships.

  • Innovation Ecosystems

    Building a stronger innovation community with entrepreneurship bootcamps, Smart City initiatives and the Electric City Innovation Center.

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